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Hans Adolf Krebs, SirView Biography

Hans Albrecht BetheView Biography

Hans Christian AndersenView Biography

Hans Christian OerstedView Biography

Hans-Dietrich GenscherView Biography

Hans FischerView Biography

Hans GeigerView Biography

Hans-Georg GadamerView Biography

Hans HofmannView Biography

Hans Holbein, the YoungerView Biography

Hans J. MorgenthauView Biography

Hans Jakob Christoffel von GrimmelshausenView Biography

Hans-Jochen VogelView Biography

Hans KüngView Biography

Hans MemlingView Biography

Hans RichterView Biography

Hans SachsView Biography

Hans SpemannView Biography

Hans Werner HenzeView Biography

Hanya HolmView Biography

Har Gobind KhoranaView Biography

Harlan Fiske StoneView Biography

Harlow ShapleyView Biography

Harold Adams InnisView Biography

Harold ArlenView Biography

Harold Clayton UreyView Biography

Harold CourlanderView Biography

Harold Dwight LasswellView Biography

Harold Eliot VarmusView Biography

Harold George NicolsonView Biography

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