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Raphael SemmesView Biography

RashiView Biography

Rashidi Mfaume KawawaView Biography

Ratko MladicView Biography

Rauf DenktashView Biography

Raul JuliaView Biography

Raúl PrebischView Biography

Raúl Ricardo AlfonsínView Biography

Ravi ShankarView Biography

Ray BradburyView Biography

Ray CharlesView Biography

Ray Stannard BakerView Biography

Rayleigh, 3d BaronView Biography

Raymond Albert KrocView Biography

Raymond AronView Biography

Raymond BarreView Biography

Raymond Chandler, Jr.View Biography

Raymond Duchamp-VillonView Biography

Raymond LullView Biography

Raymond PoincaréView Biography

RaziView Biography

RaziaView Biography

R.C. GormanView Biography

Red GrangeView Biography

Red GroomsView Biography

Red JacketView Biography

Reginald MarshView Biography

Reginald Martinez JacksonView Biography

RegiomontanusView Biography

Reinhard HeydrichView Biography

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