1970's Rock

Title: 1970's Rock
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1970's Rock
The seventies were calmer and more individualistic then the sixties. The first British invasion had run its course-the Beatles had disbanded and the who were between projects. Pioneering guitar kings Clapton and Hendrix had given up their thrones, Clapton to heroin and Hendrix to the grim reaper. But Eric Clapton along with the Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper and Kiss continued to score commercial success. The pop music scene was a jumble of styles from earlier …showed first 75 words of 928 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 928 total…and Gentle Giant were the leading proponents of this approach to rock and they consistently produced music of high quality and standards. Late in the decade, punk rock and New Wave became the music of a new generation of young rebels. The style is deliberately crude musically, featuring simple chord patterns, narrow-range melodies sung in dull, flat voices, and robot-like movements. The instrumental backing usually consists of staccato chords and "science-fiction" sounds from a synthesizer.

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