1971 Attica Prison Riots

Title: 1971 Attica Prison Riots
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1971 Attica Prison Riots
On the day of September 9,1971 there was an incident that changed the U.S. It was the Attica Prision Riots. Prisioners seized control of the Correctional Facility taking several hostages. There were negeotion attempts but they failed. Action was takin by the New York State governer Nelson Rockefeller. He ordered state troopers to retake D yard. It was a four day siege, the incident cost the lives of 11 prison guards and 32 inmates. The stand off …showed first 75 words of 514 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 514 total…I would want to use a mare stragegic plan where I would control the prisoners from gettting out of hand. The Attica Prison Riots changed criminology. It showed us that the government can make pooor decisions and criminals can take over a jail. But do to this event a lot has changed within the prison system. It was much better organized where criminals have a right amount of needs and the facility is well undercontrol.

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