A look at animal testing

Title: A look at animal testing
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A look at animal testing
A LOOK AT ANIMAL TESTING "They're Pinky and the Brain They're Pinky and the Brain One is a genius; the other's insane They're laboratory mice Their genes have been spliced They're Pinky, they're Pinky and the Brain, Brain Brain, Brain, Brain." This theme song to a popular cartoon is a farce dealing with experiments carried out on animals. In the cartoon one mouse is made very smart and wants to take over the world while …showed first 75 words of 1821 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 1821 total…is Vital to Medicine." Scientific American. 187 February 1997: 83-85. D. E. "Skin Stand-Ins." Scientific American. September 1990: 168. James-Enger, Kelly. "Beyond Animal Testing." Vegetarian Times. October 1998: 254. "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals." <http://www.petaonline.org> (20 March 1999). "21 Things You May Not Know About the Animal Rights Movement." Americans for Medical Progress. <http://www.ampef.org.> (20 March 1999). U.S. Department of Agriculture: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Animal Welfare Report Fiscal Year 1997. <http://www.aphis.usda.gov:80

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