Acid Rain 10

Title: Acid Rain 10
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Acid Rain 10
Acid rain is exactly what it suggests- rain that is acidic. The definition of "acid rain" is rain with a pH of below 5.6. Rain becomes acidic because of gases that dissolve in the rain. Approximately 70% of acid rain is a result of dissolved sulfur dioxide (SO2) which forms Sulfuric Acid. The remaining 30% or so comes from various Nitrogen Oxides (mostly NO2 and NO3 which has collectedly adopted the mane Nox). There is also a small …showed first 75 words of 1755 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 1755 total…to the earth they donít cause damage to ust the environment but also the human health. Acid rain kills plant life and destroys like in lakes, rivers, streams, etc.. the pollutants in acid rain causes problems in juman repiratory systems. Thethe pollutants attack humans indirectly through the foods they comsumed. They effected human health directly when humans inhale the pollutants. If the acid rain destroys our environment, eventually it will destroy us as well.

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