Acid Rain 13

Title: Acid Rain 13
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Acid Rain 13
First of all, as the name suggests, acid rain is rain that is too acidic; with a pH of 5 or below. PH is based on the concentration of hydrogen ions. Acid Rain is caused by emissions of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. These major contributing pollutants come from factories, power plants, automobile exhaust, chemical fertilizers, and other sources. Acid rain harms man-made objects as well as humans, animals, plants, aquatic systems, soils, forest, and etc. …showed first 75 words of 1029 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 1029 total…wears down rock structures down gradually, and can be devastating over a long period of time, sometimes causing bridges to collapse or become unstable. In conclusion, acid rain may not sound all that harmful, but it really is and it is not a subject to be taken lightly. There are some things that you can do to reduce the acidity in acid rain, so maybe this report will change your mind and make you think!

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