Title: Anthropology.
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According to Stephen Lazier, in the introduction to his new collection one could easily arrive at the impression that, in the discipline of anthropology as a whole, anthropology of religion is currently on the run. It is difficult to find programs that take anthropology of religion seriously where can one do graduate work, where can one find professors for whom religion is a primary concern? But in the post Cold War era, with rising levels …showed first 75 words of 940 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 940 total…our everyday terminology: ideas like question-to the point, in fact, where one can hardly speak reasonably about "belief" anymore outside of certain historical contexts. "In the anthropology of religion, as in many interpretive pursuits of our postmodern age, there is nowhere left to hide." Bibliography Approaches to the Anthropology of Religion. Boulder, COWestview Press, 1995 An Anthropological Approach. New York: Harper and Row. Anthropological Conceptions of Religion: Reflections on Geertz. Man Bateson, Gregory and Mary Bateson.

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