Bertolt Brecht.

Title: Bertolt Brecht.
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Bertolt Brecht.
Bertolt Brecht approached acting in an especially distinct manner, separating himself and his plays from conventional theatre of mid last century. Brecht aimed to develop an experimental theatre that challenged convention and allowed the audience to not only be entertained, but to make them think. Brecht wanted his audience to leave a theatrical event and discuss and debate the issues at hand. His distinctive techniques and epic approach to acting allowed him to pursue this …showed first 75 words of 1514 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 1514 total…theoretical method with which to approach their work. It can also be seen that Brecht's teachings and ideas continue to effect contemporary theatre performance. BIBLIOGRAPHY  "Shapers of the Stage" Arts Review: A Century of Theatre, p19  Zarilli, P. "Acting (RE)Considered: Theories and Practices", 1998, USA: Routledge Press  Bentley, E. "The Theory of the Modern Stage", 1983, England: Penguin Books  "Actors on Acting: The Theories, Techniques and Practices of the World's Great Actors...", 1970, New York: Crown Press

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