Culture Shock

Title: Culture Shock
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Culture Shock
The Chinese film, To Live, gives a glimpse of a culture somewhat similar to ours while at the same time being incomparable. From the political system to the way of rearing children can be seen in effect throughout the film. Some parts just had me shaking my head in shock and disbelief The culture I saw displayed was one based entirely on communism. Everyone's life revolved around it, dominating them. The film does not start …showed first 75 words of 908 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 908 total…said that to Chunsheng. I enjoyed watching the movie, though I didn't agree with many views portrayed in it. It was interesting to see such a different society and culture than our own, the daily hardships that were faced, and the manner in which they dealt with those hardships. Although I just keep shaking my head at the power Mao holds, and am blind to see how they can place that much faith in him.

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