Title: Flight-227
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Flight-227 By Master puppet My presentation is on the survivors of Flight-227. On October 12, 1972, a propeller-driven F-227 left Uruguay's Capitol, Montevideo, bound for Santiago, Chile - a range of 900 miles. On board were 15 members of the rugby team from Uruguay, along with 25 of their relatives and friends. Many of them were in their teens, many were from Uruguay's upper class, and two were the Nephews of the President of Uruguay. The pilots, who were from …showed first 75 words of 602 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 602 total…the dead. They decided to bury what was left of the dead people at the crash site. The young men rejoined their families. They all thought of themselves as special people. As people who survived this, they felt that they had a meaningful purpose in life. The world's reaction to the tragedy in the Andes Mountains was shocked and horrified but they eventually came to understand the headlines, which read, "What would you have done?"

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