How Money Killed in Shakespeares plays

Title: How Money Killed in Shakespeares plays
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How Money Killed in Shakespeares plays
How Money Killed         Many of our friends at Wall Street have serious heart problems; some of them even die years before they should because of the stress that is brought on by the money and greed of Wall Street. Money is also evident as a health risk in Macbeth and The Merchant of Venice, both written by William Shakespeare. On Wall Street people are driven by the greed of the people they represent, their own …showed first 75 words of 737 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 737 total…the Jew found out, gluttony may not be the root to all evil, greed may be. To have ambition and goals is good, one just have to be careful not to let their goals get too far out of reach. Perhaps there should be a column in The Wall Street Journal reminding the employees of the market to take a break once in a while and value what really is important in life. Engström 3.

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