Introduction to my company.

Title: Introduction to my company.
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Introduction to my company.
Introduction to my company Who is the Company? The Company I have chosen to do a spreadsheet for is a hire company were people could hire MP3's and MD's. This company requires a very simple spreadsheet that the staff can use. This organization does not have a spreadsheet system at the moment because they use a package called Lotus Stock Office Works 95 to keep there records on at the moment and have asked me …showed first 75 words of 11529 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 11529 total…the package in one and they are happy with the design and the way it works. It is even better than what the users had expected it to look like and they also like the way I have used the company name on each worksheet and also the company address on the purchase form and logo it makes the company more confident and it says to the customer that the company is professional and ca

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