Macroeconomics and Mid term exams.

Title: Macroeconomics and Mid term exams.
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Macroeconomics and Mid term exams.
Macroeconomics<Tab/>Midterm Exam 1<Tab/> Name: 1) Famous influential economist of the last century? <Tab/>() John Adams<Tab/><Tab/><Tab/>() Cornwall Stowe <Tab/>(X) John Maynard Keynes<Tab/>() John Dempsey Cortwright 2) The condition in which our wants are greater than our needs? <…showed first 75 words of 1909 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 1909 total…for a major Fortune 500 company until he was downsized two years ago. Last month, Mr. Johnson took a job at Home Depot for $9.50 an hour. This would be an example of Mr. Johnson accepting a? (X) Stipend. () Reservation wage. () Corrective wage. Allotment wage. 40)<Tab/>Company "Y" prays protective coatings on car components to prevent corrosion. Company "Y" is engaged in? () Artistic creation. () Value added activity. () Time curve enhancement. (X) Value appreciation.

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