Metaphoric Writing Assignment

Title: Metaphoric Writing Assignment
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Metaphoric Writing Assignment
1. Although our bodies are enormous, it glides graciously and mysteriously through secret, uncharted waters. We come in many colors shapes and sizes. Those curious intellectual onlookers dart ahead of us or sweep off to the sea or pause to investigate us. They look funny with those rabbit ears and long poles poking and prodding into our deep dark aqueous environment. We always regroup, swim back together, pausing to frolic in the mists of a private …showed first 75 words of 477 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 477 total…to rescue us. At times, we go out snorkeling by leaping over the side of a rocking boat, watching all the little fishes and lovely plants beneath the surface as we glide along. On rare occasions, when we're feeling really brave, we put on our gear and go deep-sea fishing among exotic critters. Resurfacing, we make for shore sunning ourselves and resting in the gentle rolling cadence of the sea. What am I? (The Sea)

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