Pompey the Great

Title: Pompey the Great
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Pompey the Great
Pompey was born September 30, 106 B.C. His first important military experiences were in the Social war during which his father Pompeius Strabo, taught Pompey his military skills. Pompey famed himself in the civil war between Lucies Sulla and Gaius Marius. Pompey raised his own army in Picenum. He did such a good job raising his army he was made a general. In 83 B.C., he was sent as a general to Sicily and then to …showed first 75 words of 523 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 523 total…new civil war began. Before Caesar's veteran force, Pompey retired in March, to Macedonia where he made a strong army. Caesar, after crushing Pompey's supporters in Spain, also crossed the Adriatic. Almost at once, Pompey scored a local success at Dyrrhachium on the coast of Albania. However when he allowed his army to engage, Caesar's at Pharsalus in Thessaly, Greece, in August, he suffered a terrible defeat. Pompey then fled to Egypt to seek isolation.

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