Title: SEX
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Sally-Jessie and Raphael were seeing each other for quite awhile. Then one night, after the prom, they went to Raphael's house. His parents were on vacation, so they had the house to their selves. It was dark and quiet, and they began making out. Sally-Jessie pushed Raphael away as he attempted to feel up her shirt. She began to question whether or not to go all the way. She thought about her and Raphael going …showed first 75 words of 1051 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 1051 total…People with cancer may feel unattractive because of hair loss, tiredness, and sickness." Some people wait, die, and never get to experience se. The benefits of premarital sex are evident. When in doubt, listen to the advertisement, "Hungry, why wait?" "Eat fresh" and "Just do it." From the author of the Rock church's website, "In the end, there is nothing wrong with the desires we feel—indeed, we couldn't stop them if we wanted to."

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