Short Paper: Women in Ancient Greece.

Title: Short Paper: Women in Ancient Greece.
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Short Paper: Women in Ancient Greece.
Short Paper: Women in Ancient Greece. The attitude toward women presented in the few sources that were analyzed seemed to be quite different. It seemed that society then, could not determine what exactly a women's "acceptable" role and behavior should be. Even though society was confused with the attitudes and preconceptions of "who" women should be, philosophers voiced several different opinions on this controversy. In "The Republic", Plato defends that women should be presented as …showed first 75 words of 419 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 419 total…somebody. But once this is found, the bad that comes along with the good is unexpected. Semonides explains this in a man's point of view by saying that women are the worst plague that Zeus made. (Page 129) In conclusion, there was obviously a heavy controversy on where women should stand next to men in that society. Some thought of women as a plague, and others thought of women as the same as men, just weaker.

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