Sigmund Freud's Theory is better than Erikson's.

Title: Sigmund Freud's Theory is better than Erikson's.
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Sigmund Freud's Theory is better than Erikson's.
For centuries mankind has sought to find an explanation for human behaviour. What makes one person behave in one way, and another person behave differently? Born in 1856, Sigmund Freud was a man who brought us out of the dark and presented us with an abundance of information about how our childhood and other stages of life influence our behaviour, and how different events in our growth affect our life in adulthood. So how can we …showed first 75 words of 960 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 960 total…essence of his theories came from Freud, he fails to see the importance of the unconscious mind, the differences between female and male behaviours, and the importance of our behaviour as children. Thus, his theories are too general and do not take into account the fact that every person is unique. It can be concluded that in the attempts made by Erikson and Freud to describe human behaviour Sigmund Freud's theories are far more accurate.

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