Sweden facts and figures.

Title: Sweden facts and figures.
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Sweden facts and figures.
sweden is one of the countries that are located in northern europe, and is the largest, its official name was the kingdom of sweden.Its capital is stockholm which is the largest city that lies on the east coast. More than half of the countries land is covered by forests and the rest is mainly farmland. their is also lakes and snow covered mountains and off shore islands. sweden is a land of striking physical …showed first 75 words of 386 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 386 total…they have very strict laws that have to be followed. you cannot have a valid license their until you are eighteen. in which the maximum speed you are allowed to go is one hundred and fifteen kilometers per hour. ------------------important dates-------------------------- c.6000 b.c. the first settlers came to sweden 829 christianity was introduced as a religion 1397 sweden, denmark, and norway were united 1809 sweden lost finland to russia. 1867-1886 many swedes emigrated to the u.s.

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