The Country of Congo

Title: The Country of Congo
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The Country of Congo
The Republic of Congo is a very interesting country made up of many kinds of people. It became an independent country on August 15th 1960. Congo's estimated population is 2,800,000, with about 8 people per square mile. Most of the population lives by the capital, Brazzaville. About forty-five percent of Congo belongs to the Kongo Group. The Kongo Group is a group of farmers who live southwest of Brazzaville. About two percent of Congo is Muslims. The Languages …showed first 75 words of 636 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 636 total…dance altered as a result of the introduction of Western instruments and musical styles. There are two libraries in Brazzaville, and a national museum contains collections of prehistoric objects as well as precolonial and contemporary art. I hope you learned a little about the country I chose, The Republic of Congo. I would like to visit there some day; it's a beautiful exciting place. I think people all over the world should learn about it.

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