The Great Gatsby - Significance of Title

Title: The Great Gatsby - Significance of Title
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The Great Gatsby - Significance of Title
The Great Gatsby- Significance of Title The meaning of the word "great" is ambiguous before reading the novel The Great Gatsby. It can imply that Gatsby is a superb individual, or it can mean great in the sense of a misfortune. It is only after reading the novel that the reader is able to perceive that the novel's title is ironic and that many of the themes of the story help develop this "great" character …showed first 75 words of 369 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 369 total…only a success in the eyes of other downfallen individuals of society. In conclusion, meaning of the title, The Great Gatsby, is fully derived after reading and understanding themes brought forward in the story. After this analysis of the themes is performed, the connotation of the novel's title can be regarded as either a sarcastic presentation of irony, or a representation of the downfall of Gatsby, that resulted from his emphasis on materialism and wealth.

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