dantes inferno

Title: dantes inferno
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dantes inferno
Canto X: The Perils of Pride In The Inferno, Dante describes his journey through hell. Throughout his pilgrimage, Dante learns from the sinners that he meets along the way. One influential group of sinners is those in Canto X. In this Canto, Dante is warned that those filled with pride suffer eternally. Although the Canto is mainly about heretics, all the sinners involved make bad decisions because of their pride. They are too proud and …showed first 75 words of 830 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 830 total…of it. However, what he does not learn is that he should not try to argue with or feel sympathies for the sinners. The use of language was also a main focus with all the symbolic language or lack there of that got the sinners into trouble. Dante has been a proud character up until this point, but he should have learned from this Canto that pride is the most useless gift one can have.

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