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… the motif of fire is the most predominant symbol in the book. It is used to symbolize conflicts, danger, and of comfort. The motif of fire is shown through three main examples: Mrs. Temple's fire, Mr. Rochester's fire, and St. John's fire. When…
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… the book To Kill A Mockingbird reminds me of a trial that actually occurred only a few years ago; that was the infamous OJ Simpson case. The two cases have many of the same traits, but ended up being very different. While the cases are a lot alike,…
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… Lord of the Flies, the children had many disagreements. There were several arguments, and the boys even had a war against the original leader, Ralph. Seemingly, Jack and Ralph are friends in the beginning, but end up being enemies in the end.…
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… ever uninteresting.? The human race continually focuses on characters who intentionally harm others and create damaging situations for their own benefit. Despite popular morals, characters who display an utter disregard for the natural order of human…
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… is most accurate when he said you could read Walden as a satirical criticism of modern life and living. Another way of saying this would be that Thoreau writes in a way that he is criticizing the way modern people are living. In fact, he believes,…
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… is a novel filled with many biblical allusions, and I feel strongly that there are certain characters in the book that portray biblical characters or express the same situations in the Bible. In the beginning of the book, Father Mapple gives a sermon…
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… quote, " nature is the vehicle of thought," means that there is a link between language and thought as spirit is to nature. To break down this phrase, one can say that nature is the medium of expression of thought. From nature, we create symbols…
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… A. Alan Grant -works as a police officer at Scotland Yard -in hospital because he fell through a trap door chasing a criminal; "bed-borne" (12) -has a broken leg -very bored (11) received many books to read, but has no interest in them because…
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… the main character in "Death of a Salesman," had many principles and beliefs that counteracted the "normal" views of society. He taught his kids, Happy and Biff, that to be successful, you don't need to be smart and get good grades in school. Willy…
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… think is morally unacceptable in our society. There are many methods they can use, including: threats of punishment, stern moral lectures, persuasion, and satire. Satire tries to take a clever and humorous approach to bring about reform in society.…
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