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Letter "B" » Bruce Brockbank Quotes
«Anytime you shoot 20-under-par as a team you separate yourselves from everyone else. No matter what tournament or what course, 20-under-par is an outstanding score for any team in the country.»
«It was an awesome victory for this team. It is tough to beat these Arizona schools on this type of a course this time of year, but our guys love to compete and it showed.»
«There's something about this group. This is a pretty unique little team. They've got such good chemistry. By the end of the year these five guys have a chance to be great.»
«Honestly, I didn't think he'd play any of that third round. I figured he'd finish up the second [round] and we'd play with four guys.»
«We all found out something about Jake. I think his teammates knew he was a good player, but we really saw how much heart the young man has.»
«I'd like to find an energizer pill to get us going before the first rounds because we need to shoot better early on, but I thought we had a lot of consistency at the end.»
«We weren't quite on our game. We got behind every round and started pressing, which led to a number of mistakes.»
«Technology has definitely changed the game. Now the heads are so huge it's hard to make a mistake.»
«Clay has made great strides in the last year and a half in terms of maturity and his level of play. What a great honor to be named among the top amateur golfers in the nation.»
«We didn't play up to our expectations. We are a cold weather school and we played soft when it came to the weather.»

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