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Letter "D" » David Peterschmidt Quotes
«During the quarter, we continued to show top-line revenue growth, major customer design wins and strong market expansion.»
«The quarter was fueled by major network product wins, our drive into the growing enterprise marketplace with network and portal services products, and significant inroads into the emerging wireless arena.»
«We believe we have the management, products and financial focus to foster long-term benefits for our shareholders and customers worldwide.»
«In the last 12 months, the Nasdaq has hit its all-time high and its all-time low. But this is not something to be frightened of. This is something that you should grab a hold of, because out if this type of chaos comes tremendous growth.»
«The way you have to look at this is that you had this huge build-out of the Internet and almost unlimited access to capital, and that has stopped. That doesn't mean there won't continue to be investment. The pace is going to slow for a while, but you ultimately have to continue building out.»
«And I think President Bush is going to get his tax cut, which also is going to help. But the consumer is a big part of what's important here. So far the consumer confidence has been okay, but it's the cautiousness of the consumer, I think, that's making a lot of corporations more cautious in their spending.»
«While our business will be affected by macro-economic conditions in the near term, we are confident in the long-term outlook for our infrastructure products and services.»
«Our performance reflects the efficiencies that now exist in the company, and we are optimistic about our ability to capitalize on the opportunities presented by our fast growing market.»
«We are pleased to announce record earnings today which have exceeded the expectations we set for the company.»

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