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Letter "F" » Faith Hill Quotes
«The point is I support our soldiers and I think about them every day, Tim and I both do. We know what's going on and we pray for them, we pray for their families. Every time it comes across the news that we've lost another soldier, it affects me the same way as it did when we lost the first few hundred soldiers at the beginning of the war. I've still not forgotten about them and I never will. They're the reason we live in a free country not just [this] war but any that we've fought before.»
«I've always defended Shania. She not only opened doors; she knocked several down.»
«She [Shania Twain] brought a whole other fan base to country music with her sound, the way the videos were produced.»
«This Kiss.»
«I'm here with my family. I'm here with my best friend. I'm here with my fans, ... It just don't get any better than that, does it?»
«I feel so alone. My husband's not out here. I don't know who to hug. Can I hug somebody?»
«We don't forget (them), ... I've never been to Iraq, I would love to go. And I would love to sit down with every family member, the wife that's left over here to carry the load. I've been with a friend with three children who's carried the load while her husband was in a war, so I would say, 'You're not forgotten. We support you, you're fighting for a free country, you are fighting to make this world a better place for all of us.»
«[Most recently he wrote the song] We've Got Nothing but Love to Prove, ... Fireflies.»
«Just deal with it.»
«Like We Never Loved At All.»

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