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Letter "J" » Jeremy Crabtree Quotes
«I think there's no question offensive line is one of the big priorities Miami has wanted, needed and tried to address. Losing your (position) coach makes it difficult to recruit (at that position), but something obviously needed to be done.»
«If you're expecting him to come in and be a ready-made player, I don't think so. The potential to be special is there, but he's just not there now. He's just not very physically strong right now. He really hasn't been coached a whole lot.»
«He's gonna be something special. He's gotten dramatically better throughout his senior season. If he ends up at Miami, he's one of those guys who could play pretty quickly.»
«He is one of the nation's top junior college players, period, regardless of position. And then there's the fact that the kid has already played in the SEC. He's a very, very talented kid athletically. He can contribute almost immediately. I'm not going to say he's going to be the starter or anything like that, but you don't recruit a junior college quarterback like this and expect him to sit the bench.»
«It gives (the Rebels) a chance to cement a spot in the top 15. That's an impressive stat considering the struggles that they had on the field.»
«He may be the No. 1 kid left on their board. There might've been some high school kids that were a little bit higher, but, to tell you the truth, as it got further into the recruiting process and further into the season, Brent Schaeffer definitely emerged as one of their top, if not the top guy on their board.»
«This is a big loss for Miami. This is the second year they've lost a quarterback and that's something that could catch up to them. Right now, they're trying to hold things together.»
«Texas had 25 commitments last summer. They will see a major, major effect next year. It will make things even easier for them in Texas, but it might open the door for a kid in California or might open the door for a kid in Florida.»
«He was an incredible ? I mean, incredible ? high school quarterback. It's almost a shame that no one got a chance to see what this kid would have done on the next level.»
«Not too shabby. They're at six right now and are one point away from fifth. They have three or four left on the board, and within the next 48 hours if they get some of those they could get into the Top 5 and maybe even the Top 3.»

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