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Letter "N" » Nigel Short Quotes
«A good sacrifice is one that is not necessarily sound but leaves your opponent dazed and confused»
Author: Nigel Short | About: Sacrifice | Keywords: daze, dazed, opponent
«I have traveled all over the world, about 70 countries, and meeting so many foreign people leads to a greater appreciation of their culture.»
Author: Nigel Short
«Chess is ruthless: you've got to be prepared to kill people.»
Author: Nigel Short | Keywords: chess, ruthless
«Surely, serious problems can't be solved just by talking about them.»
Author: Nigel Short
«Well, Gibraltar is a place which you either love or hate. I quite like it. It's a rock, that is essentially what it is. It's a British colony.»
Author: Nigel Short
«Of course I'm not a racist, but I'm certainly right wing, there's no question about that.»
Author: Nigel Short
«We have a large underclass in Britain, and a fairly low standard of education. Our best universities are extremely good, but a very significant proportion of the British population that comes out of compulsory schooling with very low standards of education.»
Author: Nigel Short
«[Short's career was dominated by his rivalry with Garry Kasparov, the player with the highest rating of all time. They met as juniors, then as grandmasters, and finally in the 1993 world championship. Kasparov came out on top in 1993, as he usually had.] I had him on the ropes in several games, ... but he was incredibly tenacious. He suffered in a lot of the games, but because of his resilience I wasn't able to put him out. I discovered there was more to his genius than just his opening preparation, though that is one of his great strengths. He's like some guy with a massive serve: you think, if only I can manage to return it, I'll be there. But then you discover that he can play rallies as well.»
Author: Nigel Short

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