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Letter "S" » Sam Veda Quotes
«A person who rises early in the morning, feels energetic and remains active throughout the day. The mind remains fresh for the entire day. Therefore we should make it a habit to get up early in the morning. »
Author: Sam Veda
«The 'fire' present in our body helps in keeping us alive. Therefore, to maintain the required body-temperature, it is important that we nourish our body with nutritious food.»
«One should try to take inspirations from great people and engage oneself in auspicious deeds.»
Author: Sam Veda | Keywords: auspicious, inspirations
«One,who tries to imbibe the qualities of gods and brings them into practice, they are automatically blessed with radiance and good-fortune. »
«The importance of water and fire in the life of a man is unquestionable. For the very existence of Life both these elements i.e.water and heat, are essential. »
Author: Sam Veda | Keywords: i.e., I E, unquestionable
«It is a self-proven fact that a person who thinks good of others and works for their welfare, his own progress is rapid and spectacular. Such people, by propagating knowledge pave the way of knowledge for one and all.»
Author: Sam Veda | Keywords: pave, propagating, proven, rapid
«Salutations to the men of capabilities.»
Author: Sam Veda | Keywords: capabilities, salutations
«Light symbolizes knowledge. »
Author: Sam Veda | Keywords: symbolize, symbolizes
«Constant practice makes a man perfect and quite naturally his deeds reap rich dividends.»
Author: Sam Veda
«A radiant scholar(master) is worshipped.»
Author: Sam Veda | Keywords: radiant

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