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Letter "P" » prudent
«A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult»
«Be moderate in prosperity, prudent in adversity»
Author: Periander | About: Adversity, Prosperity | Keywords: moderate, prudent
«Few things are brought to a successful issue by impetuous desire, but most by calm and prudent forethought»
Author: Thucydides | Keywords: forethought, impetuous, issue, prudent
«All government, indeed every human benefit and enjoyment, every virtue, and every prudent act, is founded on compromise and barter.»
«A prudent question is one half of wisdom.»
«At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.»
Author: Bible | Keywords: babes, prudent
«Concerning Edom, thus saith the LORD of hosts; Is wisdom no more in Teman? is counsel perished from the prudent? is their wisdom vanished? / Flee ye, turn back, dwell deep, O inhabitants of Dedan; for I will bring the calamity of Esau upon him, the time that I will visit him.»
«A fool despiseth his father's instruction: but he that regardeth reproof is prudent.»
Author: Bible | Keywords: prudent, reproof
«An individual who forces himself to accept this or that idea, or who pretends to accept this or that idea, not only on the ground that believing in it is an act of virtue, but also on the ground that doing so is prudent, is both a fool and a knave»
Author: Henry Louis Mencken (Critic, Journalist) | About: Ideas | Keywords: knave, pretends, prudent
«A prince must be prudent enough to know how to escape the bad reputation of those vices that would lose the state for him, and must protect himself from those that will not lose it for him, if this is possible; but if he cannot, he need not concern h»

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