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Letter "A" » Ali ibn Abi Talib Quotes
«Do not be too hard, lest you be broken; do not be too soft, lest you be squeezed.»
«A man's measure is his will.»
«You [humans] think that you an insignificant, while there is a great universe contained in you.»
«Do not share the knowledge with which you have been blessed with everyone in general, as you do with some people in particular; and know that there are some men in whom Allah, may He he glorified, has placed hidden secrets, which they are forbidden to reveal. Remember the reply of the righteous slave to Moses when he said to him: 'May I follow you so that you can teach me what you know about what is right?' He replied: 'Surely you will not be able to be patient with me. How can you be patient about something which you do not understand?'»
«If poverty were a man, I would have slain him.»
Author: Ali ibn Abi Talib (Orator, Poet) | Keywords: slain
«To make one good action succeed another, is the perfection of goodness.»
«A poor man is like a foreigner in his own country.»
Author: Ali ibn Abi Talib (Orator, Poet) | Keywords: foreigner
«People's hearts are like wild animals. They attach their selves to those that love and train them.»
Author: Ali ibn Abi Talib (Orator, Poet) | About: Love, People
«No one has ever suffered from his people as I have.»
«Let me alone, and go in search of someone else..»

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