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Letter "D" » Dewon Brazelton Quotes
«It's always good to see kids doing well. A lot of times, especially nowadays, young people are cast in a negative light. But here you see young people that are doing well in school, trying to be something in life. It's very good to see, it's very refreshing.»
«I try to pitch every game like its the last game I'm going to start. I want to leave an impression.»
«I feel like any success I have this year is directly from him.»
«I can go to sleep with a clear head because I've come in here and done everything I can to show I still can pitch and have some talent.»
«I made some mistakes, yes. But it's not a good idea to give up on anybody at a young age, period.»
«It was a real good thing, everything that happened today. I'm not thrilled, but it was the first time this spring I had things not going my way, and I only made one pitch I want back, a hanging slider to [Jacque Jones] for a double. I felt really good and threw a lot of quality pitches. I could see myself going to the seventh, eighth, ninth inning.»
«He saw a player who needed some help, and he felt like he could help him.»
«I wanted to go out there and go right at them and attack it, because I don't want to be asked these questions anymore.»
«I'm not upset about it.»
«I did well enough to be a starter from Day One, which is more than anybody expected. It's not that big of an issue. I just need to do whatever I need to do to get back.»

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