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Letter "L" » Lindsay Lohan Quotes
«Life is full of risks anyway, why not take them?»
«Beauty is grace and confidence. I've learned to accept and appreciate what nature gave me.»
«I called her last week, and I was like, 'Do you wanna hang out?' And her sister hung up the phone on me! I don't like having enemies ... and there's the saying, keep your friends close but your enemies closer.»
«There was a girl I knew who always wanted to be the one to stand out from the crowdAlways believed that she was gonna live her dreamsThat what went down was gonna come around For all the doubters, non-believers, the cynicals that once were dreamersOne of these days you'll open up your eyesAnd you'll realize[Chorus:]That girl was a one time teenage drama queenA hot, tough everyday wannabeeBut she'll have changed her destinyNow she's a somebodyThat girl was a wild child dreamer but she'll find herself'Cause she believes in nothin' else And you'll look back and you won't believeThat girl was meArmed with an attitude that she knows how to useShe's gonna get there any way she canNow she knows what she wantsNo one is gonna stop herNothing's ever gonna hold her downFor all the doubters, non-believers the cynicle that once were dreamersOne of these days you'll know that you were wrong (who would've know)[Chorus][Spoken]Life is a work of art- you gotta paint it colorfulCan make it anything you wantDon't have to stick to any rulesYou don't need a high IQ to succeed in what you doYou just gotta have no doubt just believe in yourselfDoubters, non-believers, once were dreamersOne of these days you'll open up your eyesAnd you'll realize»
Author: Lindsay Lohan (Actress) | About: Destiny, Soul
«He doesn't even deserve my respect,»
«How can you not like Britney Spears?»
«My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie»
«And she's sexy as hell.»
«I am happy being able to play roles with people my age because once you do something really mature there is no turning back»
Author: Lindsay Lohan (Actress) | Keywords: roles
«You need to stop acting like the damn drama queen...[to Hilary Duff]»
Author: Lindsay Lohan (Actress) | Keywords: duff

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