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Letter "S" » Sam Veda Quotes
«The actions performed by great souls to spread,promote and disseminate knowledge to every strata of society is a great service to mankind.»
Author: Sam Veda | Keywords: disseminate, strata, stratum
«The fame of a scholar who has attained 'equilibrium' and whose deeds are 'supreme' spread everywhere.»
Author: Sam Veda
«O Omniscient! fill the heaven and the earth with your divine radiance.»
Author: Sam Veda | Keywords: omniscient, radiance
«Human life is precious and one should just not waste it by idling away his time.»
Author: Sam Veda | Keywords: idling
«Those kings, who do not conspire against each other... they sit amongst their courtiers in the court of 1000 pillars.»
Author: Sam Veda | Keywords: conspire, courtier, courtiers, Court of
«History is testimony to the fact that kings, who did so ended up in ruins and misery. Such kings were always devoid of stability, peace and success. »
Author: Sam Veda | Keywords: devoid, devoid of, stability
«There is importance of a Guru in shaping our lives and giving right direction to us.»
Author: Sam Veda | Keywords: shaping
«We should try to improve upon ourselves by working hard so that we achieve success and also a respectable status in society. »
Author: Sam Veda
«We can become successful only on the basis of our capabilities and qualities. »
Author: Sam Veda | Keywords: capabilities
«A person of self-restraint kills the demon 'Vala'.»
Author: Sam Veda | Keywords: self-restraint, The Demon

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