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Letter "R" » rust
«As iron is eaten away by rust, so the envious are consumed by their own passion.»
Author: Antisthenes | About: Passion | Keywords: consumed, eaten, eating away, eat away, envious, rust
«Guilt upon the conscience, like rust upon iron, both defiles and consumes it, gnawing and creeping into it, as that does which at last eats out the very heart and substance of the metal.»
«Everyone needs a warm personal enemy or two to keep him free from rust in the movable parts of his mind»
Author: Gene Fowler | About: Enemies, Mind | Keywords: movable, rust, rusted, rusts, warm
«Authors, like coins, grow dear as they grow old:It is the rust we value, not the gold.»
«If you rest, you rust.»
Author: Helen Hayes (Actress) | Keywords: rust, rusted, rusts
«A toast to the weapons of war, may they rust in peace»
Author: Robert Orben | Keywords: rust, toast, toasted, toasting
«Is the small town a place, truly, of the world, or is it no more than something out of a boy's dreaming? Out of his love of all things not of death made? All things somewhere beyond the dust, rust, and decay, beyond the top, beyond all sides, beyond bottom: outside, around, over, under, within?»
Author: William Saroyan (Writer) | Keywords: rust, small town
«By obliging men to turn their attention to other affairs then their own, it rubs off that private selfishness which is the rust of society»
«Few minds wear out; more rust out»
Author: Christian Nevell Bovee | Keywords: rust, rusts, wear out
«Gold does not rust on the ground, and rocks don't get soaked in the rain.»
Author: Turkish Proverb | About: Gold | Keywords: rocks, rust, rusts, soak, soaked, soaking, soaks, soak up

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